Shichon or Zuchon Dog breeds

Why are Shichons / Zuchons are called teddy bear dogs?

Shichons are small size teddy bears and they have very fluffy fur. Sometimes people get confused with many other stuffed teddy bears. Most of the dogs have these characteristics in the category of teddy bear dogs.


Zuchons or Shichons are the designer dogs in which you can mix them into two. Dogs are cross in between the Mediterranean Bochon frise and the oriental Shih Tzu. It is a proportionately a very new breed and they have become quite popular in a very short time. Zuchon is not very official breed but merely a cross breed. If their popularity of the dog keeps on growing it will become an official breed. By using the combination of these two breed names we can call them Bichon frise and Shih Tzu. A hybrid vigor and they probably have a really better health than the most of us are expected to have from ancestors.

Coat and colors

They come in very different colours like silver, white, black, cream tan, red, apricot and grey. Chocolate Brown is the best of all and it come in various combinations. Fur is soft and long flowing can be very silky or curly. Generally, they shed and require brushing very few times in a week. Maintenance cost can be very low if the owner decides to keep it short.


Dogs with great hair have personality dis-orders and very big hearts. They are very well-mannered, lively and playful. Children love to play with them and show their stubbornness. All of the dogs like to bark and owners train them as well. 

Good manners doesn’t come very easily it takes a lot of time and usually patience to achieve certain things. Dogs don’t like to be left alone in the house. Teddy Bear puppies also works as the therapy dogs and very good in that.

Shichon get along with new pets and children when they are introduced in a very good way. Also, they can be really very good watch dogs, if there a danger is near them they will bark to alert the owner and people near them.


Most of the dogs average height is 9 to 12 inches and they approximately weigh from 8 to 25 pounds when they are fully grown. They are recognized by their large eyes, soft coat and endearing face.

What’s so unique about them?

These puppies/dogs are commonly known as Shichon or fuzzy wuzzy puppy. They have very longer coat and do not shed. They are very hypoallergenic dogs and are suitable for any family there is.


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