Pomeranian Dog Breeds


Pomeranian Dogs are a new type of teddy bear dogs which have been here since a very long time. These dogs are known as Pom Pom. A breed of dog of the Nordic type. Made in Germany and favorite dogs are in the royal court. These puppies are the member of royal class.

Coat and Colors

Teddy Pomeranians exist’s in variety of colours than any other dog breed. Puppies come in various colours brown, white, cream, orange, red, blue, tan and all there combination. Recent colour is called merle and developed by breeders. A mix of solid base colour and the blue patches.

Coat of a Pomeranian is very thick and double coated to provide them with coziness. It is recommended that you daily comb them to make them of high quality. Shed trimming is essential to keep them thick and should be done every 1 or 2 months. Outer coast is harsh in texture, straight and long. Coast can easily be tangled and knot when the undercoat is being shed.


Pomeranians are not the ordinary Teddy Bear Dogs, they are playful and lively. Sometimes things can go wrong and they can be aggressive in nature. Alert them and feel the changes in their environment. Often they bark and becomes a habit unless you prevent this from training. Outside noises of vehicle can also disturb them on daily basis. Pomeranians are manipulative in nature and love their owners because they are intelligent. Train them to so they do not become extra dominant and aggravative in nature. Make them the centre of the happiness in the house. These Pomeranians are like toys and owners love them to spend time alone in their own perfect way. Temperament is amazing in their own way and they will fit vey well in the family.


Height of the Pomeranian is small and weight from2 to 3.5 kilograms. While height when they stand is 5 to 11 inches. Regardless of their age they are have a great personality.

Average Age

Dog must have a good diet and must be taken care of on a very good diet. An appropriate exercise so they can live very longer. Average life of a Pomeranian is about 12 to 16 years which pretty too long for a small teddy bear puppy. If a person is in trauma which can lead them to the death when a Pomeranian puppy comes in.

For a very long life of a Pomeranian following things should be done:

  • Car seats should be clean
  • Keep the dogs out from the bin
  • Check your dogs as often as possible
  • Handle the dog carefully

What’s so unique about them?

Pomeranians are the royal class in the dog breeds. Puppies are flat and high when somebody needs them. Teddy Puppies are extremely loyal, brave and intelligent in their own way. We are sure they are enough to melt your heart away.


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